2023 China (Guizhou) International Gypsum dry mortar technology and equipment exhibition will be held in Guiyang from November 09-11!

2023 China (Guizhou) International Gypsum dry mortar technology and equipment exhibition will be held in Guiyang from November 09-11!

Exhibition introduction

2023 China (Guizhou) International Gypsum dry mixing mortar technology and equipment exhibition, relying on the platform of the brand event "Jianbo", once again specially established a special exhibition area, will fully display new and downstream new products in the entire industry chain in the construction industry, New technologies, new materials and application solutions should strengthen the extensive contact and exchanges of all parties between the industry, and promote the establishment of multiple partnerships and cooperation mechanisms. Share tens of thousands of professional audience groups to create a better display and trade docking one -stop exhibition platform.

This exhibition aims to use technical exhibition platform models to further promote the comprehensive utilization of Guizhou phosphor gypsum building materials, green buildings, prefabricated buildings, construction energy saving, renewable energy building resources; Quality development, increase the business cooperation between the promotion of new processes, new technologies, and new equipment enterprises; promote the improvement of quality and efficiency of the construction industry, and promote new opportunities for the high -quality development of the industry's green economy. Innovation "The theme of 2023 China (Guizhou) international gypsum dry mortar technology and equipment exhibition was held at the Guiyang International Conference and Exhibition Center on November 09-11, 2023.

Organize an introduction

Chongqing Jianyu Exhibition Co., Ltd. founded a team with more than ten years of exhibition organization experience and market promotion experience in 2007. It has operated a number of internationally renowned brand exhibitions in China. Jianyu Exhibition focuses on the construction industry convention and exhibition platform. Gathering high -quality resources to build a communication platform for the construction industry. Helping the comprehensive display and dissemination of the scientific and technological achievements of construction enterprises, enhance the improvement of the status and influence of the construction industry, and show the important development platform for enterprises to show its own brand image and recommend new technologies and new products.

Exhibition range

◆ Gypsum ingredients

Flora gypsum, titanium gypsum, citric acid gypsum, chlorine gypsum, lactic acid gypsum, desulfurization gypsum, phosphorus gypsum;

◆ Gypsum detection equipment

Gypsum testing testor, building gypsum consistency meter, plaster plate thickness measurement instrument, gypsum retention rate measurement instrument;

◆ Gypsum production equipment

Desulfurized gypsum production equipment, gypsum powder production line equipment, gypsum burn equipment, gypsum board production line, gypsum block machine, mold cutting tool, fluidized bed gypsum furnace equipment building plaster powder production line equipment, high -strength gypsum powder production technology and equipment, gypsum gypsum, gypsum gypsum Composite prefabricated wall board production line, calcium sulfate floor drying system, gypsum block and mold box production line equipment, high -strength gypsum powder production process and equipment, gypsum composite prefabricated wall board production line, calcium sulfate floor drying system, gypsum block and plaster block and plaster block and gypsum block and plaster Model box production line equipment; paper plaster board production line equipment;

◆ Gypsum construction equipment

Mortar spraying machinery, putty spraying machine;

◆ Gypsum board

Gypsum board, decorative gypsum board, gypsum ceiling, paper plaster plate, gypsum fiber board, gypsum particle board, gypsum hollow plate, gypsum block, gypsum raw material and other gypsum lines: gypsum lines, decorative lines, frame strips, etc.;

◆ Gypsum products

Gypsum decorative materials, art gypsum, ceiling, angle lines, fireplaces, Roman columns, Roman stigma, beams, relief, lamps, horn, flat line, ceiling -shaped angle line, smallpox shape angle, etc.

◆ Floor industry

Floor material, cement base material wear -resistant floor, concrete floor equipment and raw materials, floor machinery, floor care agent and maintenance materials, cleaning equipment;

◆ Mortar products and auxiliary materials

Tile glue, sewing agent, waterproof mortar, colored noodle mortar, ecological wall material, diatom mud, air purification mortar, brush gypsum, gypsum base mortar, putty, interface agent, repair mortar, grouting, additive pigment, fiber, fiber, fiber Vegetarian ether, re -decentralized latex powder, wood fiber, water reducing agent, slowing agent, muffin, high coagulant, early strong agent, tactile agent, superplastic agent, curing agent Alcohol and lotion additives, core materials, polymer emulsion, mortar formula and application technology, etc.;

◆ Raw materials

Silicate cement, ordinary silicate cement, aluminum sulfate cement, high aluminum cement, white cement, desulfurization gypsum, α-semi-water gypsum, hard gypsum powder, gray calcium powder, heavy calcium powder, talcum powder, flour and coal coal, flour and coal, and coal coal Gray, silica, super fine powder, pussy soil, river sand, quartz sand, mechanism sand, slag sand, waste aggregate and waste waste technology, etc.;

◆ Production equipment

The complete set of key equipment, crusher, grinding machine, dryer, screening machine, material instrument, transportation equipment, metering equipment, high -efficiency mixed machine, bulk equipment, packaging machinery, packaging bag, packing barrel, dust collection machine, compilation tube belt Pumping machine and high -rise conveying system;

Participating costs and advertising/conference expenses


Note: Standard booths: Plates (2.5m high), two branches, secondary rappers, one negotiating table, two chairs, and 220V sockets.

Note: Hardcover booths: Loise (3M high), fence (2.5m high), two branches, ejaculation lights, one negotiation table, two chairs, and 220V sockets. (You can ask the organizing committee to get a hardcover booth renderings)

Note: Light -ground booth: Without any configuration, exhibitors need to design, decorate the booth on their own, and take care of themselves. (Also collect the construction management fee of the exhibition hall in accordance with the provisions of the exhibition hall).


The conference is consensively co -organized by the sponsorship unit, and the conference is promoted simultaneously. For details, please ask for specific plans.

Target audience

Mortar, insulation, coatings, waterproof enterprises;

Dry mix mortar, concrete mixing station

Product R & D Enterprise, Design Research Institute;

Engineering construction units, real estate developers, construction builders;

Project consulting management company;

Dealers, wholesalers, retailers, import and exporters;

Industry associations, government, public facilities construction units;

News media, etc.

At the same period

Gypsum industry technical exchange meeting

Gypsum bar plate application technology

Pre -mixed mortar forum

Manufacturer Technology Seminar/Exchange Meeting

Economic and trade cooperation negotiation and signing ceremony

Low -carbon green ecological construction technology seminar

2023 China (Guizhou) International Prefabricated Building and Construction Industrialization Exhibition

Note: The actual arrangements of the above activities are based on the publicity of the organizing committee.


Participating units, please fill in the "Application Form" in detail, and fax or send it to the organizing committee of the conference after stamping the official seal. After the registration, the exhibitors will be remitted into the designated account of the organizing committee within 3 working days to determine the booth, otherwise the booths will not be retained.

The principles of the booth distribution order are: "apply first, pay first, and choose first". The exhibitors are pre -selected in accordance with the booth diagram planning, and the co -organizers/sponsorship units can give priority to arrangement. In order to ensure the rationality of the exhibition and the overall effect of the venue, the organizing committee has the right to adjust the location of some of the distributed booths.

After the exhibitors are exported, they will send the bank's remittance or copy or copy it to the organizing committee to check it; the invoice will be issued or sent to the venue financial team to collect or send it according to their requirements.

For conference reception, exhibit transportation, booth construction, accommodation and other matters, please refer to the "Exhibition Manual".