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Industrial Internet
The goal is to actively respond to the call of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council to issue the "Overall Layout Plan for the Construction of Digital China" to build an integrated service platform for the supply chain of the machinery industry, and to empower enterprises in the machinery industry and help the digital transformation of the entire machinery industry through the data upload of the machinery industry chain to the cloud. , and strive to build the platform into an important power engine for industry modernization.
Platform Architecture
Planning scheme The overall planning scheme focuses on opening up the supply chain of the machinery industry, sharing passenger flow, commodity flow, capital flow, and information flow, empowering the machinery industry community, helping enterprises realize the digitalization of internal and external environments, and achieving industry-level and even national-level digital transformation of the machinery industry solution.
Platform Model
The platform model creates a B2B shared machinery industry community, sharing user assets and supply assets, uniting the large excess supply in the upstream of the entire industrial chain, a large amount of idle downstream, fragmented demand and the provision of financial funds, and reconstructing the entire industry through the multilateral network effect of the platform chain.