Top-mounted belt-type environmental protection mixing plant

Top-mounted belt-type environmental protection mixing plant
product description

1. Excellent mixing skills

The mixing host adopts German technology, with strong mixing performance, uniform and rapid mixing, and high productivity

2. Highly reliable performance

Compared with the side station, the screw conveyor is shorter and has lower power. It has high conveying efficiency and low maintenance cost in the later stage. Air flotation chute can also be used, which is more energy-saving and stable.

The discharge door of the aggregate temporary storage warehouse adopts double cylinders to drive the arc-shaped discharge door, and the material does not get stuck. The double-door discharge can be adjusted according to the current of the main engine to protect the main engine, which can realize the high homogeneity of concrete in the mortar-wrapped stone method.

3. Unique non-stick shaft technology

The design of the heightened confluence premixed main cover, the unique design and reasonable distribution of parts and actions such as the stirring arm, the stirring blade, the position of the material feeding point, and the order of material feeding have solved the problem of the sticking of the concrete shaft. Reduce the labor intensity of workers.

4. Accurate measurement accuracy

The main building has a high-level water tank with high efficiency, which reduces the frequent start-up of the water pump and has high measurement accuracy. The powder scale is located at both ends of the main machine and has a high stirring efficiency. Precision control is precise.

5. Perfect industrial design

The main building above the cement silo occupies a small area, has a small enclosed area, has a large maintenance space, and is easy to maintain. The concrete structure below the main floor has a large internal usable space. The operation room, scheduling, and laboratories can be arranged inside, with low noise and comfort. high degree

6. Simple operation function

The whole machine adopts computer control, which can be controlled automatically or manually, with simple operation, easy to dry and good maintenance performance

7. Each maintenance and repair part is equipped with a walking platform or a ladder that is directly visible and has enough operating space. The fully enclosed or semi-enclosed equipment of the station ensures that all operations can run rain or shine.

8. Excellent environmental performance

All powder material hoppers are carried out in a sealed state, and the fully enclosed structure greatly reduces the pollution caused by dust and noise to the environment. The powder silo, centralized dust removal system, sand, gravel, and sewage treatment and recovery system can be reasonably configured according to customer needs. , truly achieved zero pollution and zero discharge

10. The TV monitoring system can be set at several points of TV monitors (generally four points) to monitor the batching machine, the outlet of the concrete mixer, etc. in real time

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