The origin of concrete pump trucks, do you know?

The origin of concrete pump trucks, do you know?

The story took place in 1934,

German mechanic Friedrich Wilhelm Schwing founded Shi Weiying Company,

This is the earliest concrete machinery manufacturer.

In 1957, Shi Weiying created the world's first split concrete pump,

And push to the market.


After eight years,

Shi Weiying launched a car pump across the era,

At first glance like a rocket launcher,

Perhaps the designer is the technician of the arsenal.

This modification,

The flexibility of the concrete pump was greatly improved.


Shi Weiying tried boldly in 1968,

Move the tower crane to the car pump,

Manual cloth,

The first most simplest pump truck was born.

But this pump truck operates too complicated,

No greater promotion.


Shi Weiying is not discouraged,

After two years, a folding armband -type pump car was developed,

This is a pumping truck with a pumping significance,

It really sets off a revolutionary poem in the history of concrete machinery.


From then on,

Although the main force of the pump truck from Shi Weiying to Elephant,

To Sanyi Heavy Workers,

But the basic structure has never changed significantly,

Shi Weiying's pump truck has become the classic of the times.