How did the highest cement production line born?

How did the highest cement production line born?

When you come to Tibet by plane, you will overlook a modern cement manufacturing company on the foot of Gangsis Mountain through the window. The distinctive landmark of Qilian Mountain Cement Co., Ltd..


This is the first cement production line invested by Qilian landscape in Tibet, and it is also the highest cement production line in China at present.

As the group's key aid project, cadres and employees of Qilian Mountain in Tibet carefully study and implement the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping's inspection of Tibet, overcome difficulties such as high -cold and hypoxia. The production line of Hua and intelligent cement, and the fire was put into production on May 18, 2021, marking the full implementation of the Qilian landscape cement "Ganqing Tibet" strategy, becoming the vivid practice of the group's "central enterprise to help the people and the people,".


"There is no shortage of oxygen, and the altitude is high."

"The spirit of assistance in Tibet is a lofty spirit of the Communist Party of China and a significant advantage of socialism with Chinese characteristics. There is no lack of spirit for hypoxia. This spirit is that the ideal of revolution is higher than heaven. You are on the plateau, the spirit is higher than the plateau." The important speech of the General Secretary has greatly inspired the fighting spirit of cadres and employees in Qilian Mountain, Tibet.

Standing under the Mountains of Gambis, looking at the advanced and green and environmentally friendly second -generation new dry cement demonstration line built in front of the investment of 1.32 billion yuan, the cadres and employees of Qilian Mountain in Tibet were full of emotions.

Since the establishment of the project in 2012, in order to find the construction site of environmental protection requirements, every Pingchuan and every mountain in Lhasa and Shannan have left the footprint of Chinese building materials.

It is not easy to run the project, and it is more difficult to build a project. The biggest difficulty comes from the construction of the mines. The highest level of Puxia limestone mine is 4,826 meters, the terrain and geology are complex, and the construction is very difficult. It is the first Double -slip Shuangping Mine Mine in the domestic building materials enterprise. In the early days of construction, because the road was not connected, it took more than 10 hours to save time. In order to save time, the builder set up a tent camp under the mountain. During the development and standard of mining roads, perforated and blasting equipment may fall into a ladder due to no platform, and the builders become a ladder to disassemble the equipment. The complex and most difficult lime mines ensure the production lines of the cement production line on time, and use the action to interpret the spirit of "lack of spirit, hardship, hard work, and higher altitude."


"Except‘ Toccar ’or‘ Toccar ’”

"In the past, Gandan Village was very poor, the house was broken, and the road was rotten. Now the house is spacious. The asphalt road is passing to the door of the house. The wallet is getting more and more drums. 'Toccar' (Tibetan '(Tibetan') or 'Toccana. "Soranbazhu, the secretary of the Party branch of Gandan Village, was grateful to the poverty alleviation experience.

"Helping the people to enrich the people" is an important mission of us. Faced with the shortage of special cement supply in major local projects, relying on strong technological research and development power, successfully developed and produced special cement such as low -alkali and medium heat, filling the gaps in the research and development and production of Tibet special cement. The national key projects provide 500,000 tons of high -quality cement, and the accumulated interest tax is 6.48 million yuan.

Persist in the implementation of rich people's measures, and use the relevant parties to adopt labor employment, raw material transportation, equipment rental, etc. to increase the income of 50 million yuan to farmers and herdsmen each year, and directly achieve more than 100 local farmers and herdsmen. There are more than 200 income positions, and each household increases fixed income of 80,000 to 90,000 yuan per year.

The Qilian Mountain in Tibet was awarded the title of "Demonstration of Resettlement and Resettlement Employment Demonstration Base" by Shannan City, showing the central enterprise of the "country of the country".


"Make Shannan sky blue, more clear water, and more beautiful scenery."

"Seeing red grass and green in Qilian Mountain in Tibet, step by step, it doesn't feel like a cement plant, but more like a garden." Zascori beads from Gandan Village, Gandan Village, Changguo Township showed a surprise on his face after being invited to visit the production site. Essence

In the past three years, Qilian Mountain in Tibet has minimized the disturbance of the surrounding forest land vegetation and ecological environment in accordance with the principle of "side construction and recovery", and effectively utilized the terrain with a large level of mines to build a mining leather potential power generation system. The transportation can be generated by 0.6 degrees, and the cost of about 1 million yuan in the annual section is about 1 million yuan. At the same time, make full use of the characteristics of Tibet's high altitude and long sunshine time, vigorously promote the construction of photovoltaic glass power generation projects, and lead Tibetan building materials companies to follow the road of conservation and clean development.

In 2021, the enterprise invested more than 23 million yuan in funds, covered 10,000 square meters of soil, scattered 35,000 square meters of grass seeds, and 8 kilometers of vegetation recovery treatment. It was planted for willow trees, red sand willows, elm tree, seaby spines, etc. that are suitable for the growth of Tibet. More than 30,000, 8,000 square meters of ecological bags have been made, which has become a model for local implementation of new development concepts.

The Qilian Mountains in Tibet will continue to implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on Tibet's work, adhere to ecological priority, practice green development concepts, and wholeheartedly protect the snowy plateau, and strive to create a dazzling pearl on the ridge of the world.