Global construction machinery event: Changsha handed over a shining answer

Global construction machinery event: Changsha handed over a shining answer

With the theme of "high-end, intelligent, green - a new generation of construction machinery", the third Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition 2023 was held from May 12 to 15 in Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center and Changsha International Convention Center. This exhibition is the largest exhibition in China's construction machinery industry after the optimization and adjustment of the epidemic prevention and control policy, and it is a global construction machinery industry "feast" held under the background of fully implementing the Party's "20" spirit, "accelerating the construction of manufacturing power", and "promoting the high-end, intelligent and green development of manufacturing industry". The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China and the China Association for Science and Technology attach great importance to and provide careful guidance; the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government and the Changsha Municipal Government provide strong leadership and careful organization; and all provincial departments and bureaus actively participate and fully support. The exhibition showed eight highlights of higher scale specifications, wider international participation, deeper openness, more new products released, more complete machine and parts spectrum, higher national participation, better platform functions, and better trading results.

The exhibition set up a total of 13 indoor pavilions, 8 outdoor exhibition areas, 23 theme areas, the world's 1502 enterprises participated in the exhibition, including the world's top 50 construction machinery brands participated in 35, exhibits more than 20,000 pieces, exhibition area of 300,000 square meters. The four-day exhibition period has accumulated more than 350,000 visitors, and the exhibition turnover has accumulated 53.6 billion yuan.

First, the "feast" is not only the exhibition, but also the construction machinery industry's whole value chain platform

Thanks to the careful cultivation of the main organizer, the enthusiastic participation of exhibitors and merchants in the global industry, and the attention of more than 600 Chinese and foreign media journalists from more than 100 media. The brand status and influence of the third Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition in the global industry has been promoted again, and the attraction and appeal of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain have been strengthened.

This exhibition is the first international large-scale exhibition after the implementation of the "National four" standard of construction machinery, which not only provides exhibitors with a display platform for the release of new products and new technologies, but also meets the exchange and trading between supply and demand sides. The exhibition actively plays the role of the link and bridge of the industry, promotes the development and growth of the global construction machinery industry chain, promotes the upstream and downstream cooperation of the industry chain, promotes the regional cooperation of construction machinery from the government level, strengthens the industrial chain and the short board of the supply chain, maintains the industrial chain and supply chain security, and jointly builds the new business form of the whole value chain platform of the construction machinery industry.

Exhibitors, exhibits, released more than 1200 new products and new technologies, all show new technology, new materials, new construction methods, new energy and other applications are making rapid progress, and continue to promote the update and iteration of global construction machinery products, showing a new trend of intelligent, digital, electric, unmanned development, electric, energy saving, emission reduction, consumption reduction has become the industry's wind indicator. The construction machinery market is cyclical, but factors such as "machine replacement of labor", digital intelligence empowerment, and emission standards improvement are becoming the new main driving force for the development of the industry.

At this exhibition, the regional cooperation of the industry is another new highlight. The three major Chinese construction machinery provinces of Shandong, Zhejiang and Hunan jointly held the "International Construction Machinery Industry Chain Development Conference" and jointly signed the "Proposal to strengthen regional industrial chain Cooperation and Promote high-quality development of construction machinery industry."

Second, high-end + intelligent + green, polish construction machinery high-quality development background color

The high-end, intelligent and green level of the exhibition equipment has been significantly improved. Electric loaders, electric excavators, electric cranes, electric wide body vehicles, electric straight arm aerial work platform, electric forklift trucks, electric slip loaders, electric rotary drilling RIGS, electric stirring trucks, electric single steel wheel rollers and other hundreds of equipment and core parts of the site to the world in an all-round way in the field of electrification from the whole machine to the core parts of the technical innovation and leading technology; A more comprehensive display of high-end, intelligent, green, networked, unmanned construction scene.

Caterpillar and its brand Shangong Machinery in China for the first time fully exhibited excavators, graders, bulldozers, loaders, the latest "national four emission" series of products. Liugong more than 10 electric star equipment all appeared. Hitachi 90 tons excavator, Volvo large pavers and other products on display are national IV emission standards. Terex exhibited the J-1175 crawler crusher and heavy screen 883+ from the UK specially for the exhibition, which are classic models for the mobile crushing and screening industry. Zoomlion exhibited the world's largest all-ground crane ZAT24000H, equipment installation and deployment, the height of up to 175 meters, is the highest exhibit at the exhibition site, as well as the first with fully independent intellectual property rights of the new steel matrix composite boom pump truck and other world-class star products. Sany 71 meters, 65 meters S series full regulation pump truck, "wind power tool" 750 tons of all-ground crane big show muscle, "mine overlord" SY650H-S and "hardcore King Kong" SKT105S composed of the golden partner powerful and powerful, by 28 sets of various types of machinery composed of Sany electric Army shock assembly, basically covering the whole series of products, Fully demonstrate the research and development strength and achievements of Sany Electrification. The 60m ultra-high meter straight arm TB58RJ Plus on display by Sinbang Intelligence uses 5-section synchroflex technology and patented X chassis.

Guangxi Mestar, Shanxi too heavy, Jiangsu Hongchang Tianma, Tianjin Nuohao, Henan Yutong, Shandong Weimeng, Zhongwei Zhuote and a number of specialized new enterprises carry a number of advantageous products to participate in the exhibition, becoming the new force of the exhibition.

Unmanned, intelligent equipment and unmanned equipment exhibition once again popular. This exhibition "intelligent, unmanned construction machinery performance", five days of 9 performances, launched more than 10 new construction machinery performance programs, the exciting program will be the highlight of the audience.

Exhibition with green, intelligent, high-end polish construction machinery high-quality development of the background color.

Third, young but not underestimated, high impact behind the report card

"Young" Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition since the first held in 2019, two years, has been held for three sessions.

In 2019, the first exhibition area was 210,000 square meters, more than 1,000 enterprises participated in the exhibition (including 24 of the world's top 50 host brands of construction machinery), attracted 180,000 visitors to the exhibition, and the field turnover exceeded 20 billion yuan.

Two years later, in 2021, the second Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition reached a new high, with an exhibition area of 300,000 square meters, 30 global construction machinery top 50 host brands participating in the exhibition, 300,000 visitors to the exhibition, and the on-site turnover exceeded 40 billion yuan.

In 2023, the third Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition made history again, this exhibition attracted 1502 enterprises from around the world to participate in the exhibition, more than 300,000 square meters of exhibition area, more than 350,000 visitors to the scene, the exhibition site turnover reached 53.6 billion. The exhibition held a total of 6 major activities, 7 main activities, 2 events, more than 100 conferences and forums and business negotiations between enterprises.

Azerbaijan, Gambia, Guyana, Uganda, Suriname, Philippines, Afghanistan, Kenya, Ecuador, Nepal, Laos, Indonesia, Israel, South Africa, Thailand, Italy, Latvia, Malaysia, Mozambique, Pakistan, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Colombia, Mexico, Austria, Singapore, Togo, United Kingdom, More than 33 diplomatic missions, international organizations, international business associations and international business organizations from the United States, South Korea, India and Cambodia attended the opening ceremony. During the exhibition, the organizing committee and exhibitors invited more than 2,000 international buyers from 60 countries to participate in the exhibition.

The globalization of Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition has been significantly improved, and the world's first-class international exhibition has taken shape.

Every session is a leap, every session is invincible youth, every session is shining the world. Because young, so youth unlimited; Because young, so colorful; Because young, so the prospect is unlimited; Although young, but full of arms to forge ahead; Young, but enthusiastic; Young as he is, he rides the waves.

The course of Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition reflects the high-speed development history of China's construction machinery industry, and also shows China's more confident and more open attitude in construction machinery.

Four, thousands of miles to "Xiang" meeting, dressed in hot welcome eight guests, for Changsha played the strongest sound

If you have a vision of the world, you will always be close neighbors. Since 2021, the organizing committee of Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition has lasted for two years, spanning ten cities around the world, successively carried out the "Global ten cities hundred association thousand enterprises brand promotion miles" activities in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jinan, Quanzhou, Munich, Germany, Kuala Lumpur, Xuzhou, Macao, Beijing, Las Vegas, USA, and visited more than 100 domestic and foreign industry associations. Face to face with thousands of industry enterprises, to promote the footprints of Changsha International construction machinery exhibition such as a little spark all over the world. This is a carefully planned event, but also a huge global rally.

The 3rd Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition also launched the exhibition mascot "thumbling", which is the first exhibition IP image of the global construction machinery exhibition, the organizing committee online through wechat emojis and other ways to push the world, offline launch "thumbling" cultural and creative products.

On the evening of May 11, the Changsha Municipal People's Government held a grand musical fireworks party and light show in Juzizhou, where fireworks burst into bloom in the night sky and lit up the flame that illuminated the road ahead of the future construction machinery industry. During the exhibition, more than 120 media, 600 journalists, thousands of videos, tens of thousands of pieces of information and 400 million hot topics from around the world played the strongest voice in the construction machinery industry for all exhibitors and Changsha, Hunan Province.

This exhibition is not only a grand event of the global construction machinery industry, but also a grand event for the whole people to participate in. The colorful display, exchange and interactive experience of the exhibition site not only attracted merchants from all over the world, but also attracted countless local and provincial students and children on the "social public Open Day", so that the next generation can appreciate the charm of the big country, which is the real future of construction machinery.

A four-day global construction machinery event, Changsha International construction Machinery Exhibition handed over a shining answer, live up to the new era, the future can be expected