The new model teaches you a set of correct and safe concrete mixing plant demolition program

The new model teaches you a set of correct and safe concrete mixing plant demolition program

The so-called "good beginning, good ending, good doing" means that people and things should be carried out with a serious attitude, both a good beginning and a good ending; Be good at doing things, but also be good at doing things well. As concrete machinery practitioners, we should also pay attention to the correct installation and use of concrete mixing station, but also know how to correctly dismantle concrete mixing station. Today, the new type will teach you a set of correct and safe concrete mixing plant demolition program.

Prepare the machine before disassembly

1. Inspection before disassembly

Before the dismantling of the mixing station, the mechanical and electrical technicians shall conduct a comprehensive inspection of the use of the equipment and the operation of the various systems, and make a good record. Take practical preventive measures to eliminate safety hazards and avoid accidental damage during disassembly, resulting in unnecessary economic losses.

2. Maintenance before demolition

In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment during the next installation, the overall cleaning and oil injection maintenance of the equipment must be carried out before disassembly to ensure that the lubrication of the machinery is in place, so as to prepare for the relocation.

General need to check the main parts:

The main machine powder discharge door, the shaft end lubrication during operation, the main machine discharge door, the cement bin, the fly ash bin and the spiral machine have no old material, the discharge port of the powder bin, the discharge port and discharge valve of each measurement, the discharge port of the batching machine, the appearance of the mixing station, etc.

3. Work site

The subgrade of the site is concrete, and the material facilities such as bentonite, fine sand and reservoir around the mixing station shall be cleaned and transported within a week before the dismantling of the machine. Ensure that the construction site is free of obstacles and has enough space for disassembly.

Specific disassembly steps

1. Remove the electrical parts

After removal, all cables are packed in plastic pockets and sealed with cable ties to prevent water and moisture. All cables only need to be removed at one end, and marked with an oil pen to take it back and fix it: first remove the cable of the main circuit, and then remove the control circuit (including the solenoid valve and the control line of the limit sensor).

2. Remove the mechanical part

The dismantling of the mixing plant should adhere to the principle of first installation and then dismantling, and the dismantling sequence is closed system - batching machine system - flat belt conveyor - inclined belt conveyor - screw conveyor - fly ash cement weighing system - host steel structure mixing system - cement, fly ash tank.

(1) First remove the upper seal, and then remove the batching machine system next to the storage hopper station, and transfer the storage hopper and weighing hopper as a whole, paying attention to the protection of the weighing sensor.

(2) The belt conveyor is placed in the free site as a whole, and pay attention to protection during the lifting process to prevent bumps.

(3) Fix the control operation platform, remove the bolts of the control support, lift the control first, cut the support from the concrete pier with a cutting gun, and bind the transfer with steel wire.

(4) After the screw machine is removed, the cement and fly ash weighing system is removed and transferred out, and then the leg link bolts are removed to transfer the mixer and its steel structure from the site. Pay attention to check the welding condition of the original mixing machine, and if there is a phenomenon of welding failure, the welding should be repaired in time and reviewed.