The new model teaches you how to spend the run-in period of the new purchase mixer

The new model teaches you how to spend the run-in period of the new purchase mixer

The new equipment has to go through a running-in period, the same is true of the concrete mixing station, only in the early stage of the concrete mixing station has enough understanding of its structure and function, to ensure that the expected value is achieved in the future production. Therefore, the running-in process of the concrete mixing plant is still very important, and the operator must first read the operation instructions when operating the machine and operate and maintain in accordance with the relevant instructions.

Each type of concrete mixing station has additional output, so it must be operated according to the instructions given by the manufacturer in the production type, and it cannot be changed at will, but it cannot be overloaded. Pay attention to often look at the appearance, abnormal, should be stopped in time to eliminate, in the cause is not found, the fault is not eliminated, should complete the operation. Also pay attention to often reflect on the smooth oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, brake fluid and fuel oil (water) level and morality, and pay attention to reflect on the tightness of the machine. View in the creation of oil and water lack too much, should analyze the reason. At the same time, the smoothness of each smooth point should be strengthened, and it is recommended that during the running-in period, each shift should add smooth grease to the smooth point.

The operator should insist on cleaning each equipment of the mixing station, timely adjusting and tightening the loose parts to prevent the wear and tear of the parts or the loss of parts due to loosening. After the run-in period is completed, the machine should be forced to maintain, do a good job of reflection and adjustment, and pay attention to the exchange of oil.

The commercial concrete mixing station can only go longer if it experiences running-in, so the user friends must lay the foundation in the early stage to ensure that the later production is more smooth.

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