Talk about mixing plant raw material management of those things

Talk about mixing plant raw material management of those things


In the concrete mixing plant industry, good management is the pillar of the development of mixing plant enterprises, and the management of raw materials is the basic guarantee for the development of the entire enterprise, so the management of this piece cannot be lax. As a professional concrete mixing plant equipment manufacturing enterprise, the new construction machine is summarized as follows on the raw material management of mixing plant based on years of experience.

Comprehensive planning

Make raw material management plan before mixing, participate in the preparation of construction organization and design, plan material storage site and road, make material budget, and formulate material management objectives. Comprehensive planning is the premise and guarantee of the whole process of material management in concrete mixing plant.

Planned approach

According to the mixing schedule, the original materials will be admitted in stages and batches in an orderly manner. On the one hand to ensure the concrete production needs, on the other hand to prevent the waste of materials. Approach planning is the basis of material management in mixing plant.

Strict acceptance

Strictly in accordance with the variety, specifications, quality and quantity of materials, the incoming materials are inspected and processed. Acceptance is to ensure that the varieties and specifications of the incoming materials are right, the quality is intact and the quantity is accurate, and it is an important guarantee condition to ensure the quality of the project and reduce the cost.

Reasonable deposit

According to the requirements of the concrete mixing station site layout, the materials are stored, and the secondary handling is minimized under the principle of convenient construction, ensuring smooth road, safety and reliability. Reasonable storage is the premise of proper storage, is the guarantee of smooth production, is an important aspect of cost reduction.

Keep in safe

In accordance with the natural properties of various materials, according to the technical requirements of material support and the objective conditions of the site, various effective measures are taken for maintenance and maintenance to ensure that the raw materials do not reduce the value of use. Proper storage is to make the best use of everything and achieve the guarantee condition of reducing costs.

Control consumption

According to the task undertaken by the operator, strict consumption quantity control according to the quota and relevant information is an important threshold to control the project cost, and an important guarantee to achieve material saving.

Supervised use

According to the concrete supply requirements and material requirements, the materials that have been transferred to the operator are inspected during use, and the team is urged to use the materials reasonably. Supervising use is the main means to realize economy and prevent excess consumption.

Accurate accounting

Accurate verification of the physical quantity form, through the concrete mixing plant consumption activities to record, calculate, analyze and compare, reflect the consumption level. Accurate accounting is not only a response to the management results of the current period, but also provides the basis for improvement of management activities in the next period.

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