Your mixing plant purchase guide has been delivered, please note that check ~

Your mixing plant purchase guide has been delivered, please note that check ~


Concrete mixing plant price, equipment quality, manufacturer strength, after-sales support, etc., this is the content of the manufacturer's investigation, how to clarify their needs? Under the premise of meeting the needs of customization, how to buy a good concrete mixing station?

1, construction concrete performance label: equipped with mixing machine.

Mixing machine is the core composition of mixing station, according to the concrete performance label to choose what kind of mixing machine. Such as water conservancy projects must use double horizontal shaft forced concrete mixing host. In addition, concrete batching machines and cement silos should be selected according to the types of concrete materials that can be mixed.

2, the amount of tasks and construction period: select the mixing station model.

These two parameters are used to choose how large the size of the concrete mixing plant is. The total task quantity of concrete is set as A; The number of days for concrete pouring is B; The number of working hours per day is C; If the utilization factor is X, the specification of the mixing plant X=A/(B*C*X) should be selected, where X is 0.7-0.9. The transportation condition of finished concrete should also be considered in the selection. Such as: direct pumping or vehicle delivery. The volume of the conveying vehicle is also an important basis for determining the type of mixing station.

3, construction amount and construction period: decide one station or two wars.

When the amount of concrete needs to be poured at a time at the site is large, the quality requirements are high, and there is no concrete mixing station nearby that can be reinforced, it is better to choose two sets of smaller specifications of the mixing station, or choose a master and a pair of dual machine preparation.

4. Traffic conditions.

When the site traffic is inconvenient, mixing plant maintenance personnel need to spend a lot of time in and out of the site, it is best to choose the same smaller specifications of the dual station, or prepare enough spare parts, so as to ensure that the construction progress is smooth.

5. Transport distance.

When the construction site is more dispersed, but the distance between the sites is not too far, the transport radius of the concrete mixing truck does not exceed 30 minutes by car, and the transport of the dump truck does not exceed 10 minutes by car. It is best to use multi-worker number centralized mixing to improve the utilization rate and construction economic benefits of mixing station.

6, operator quality: big station or small station.

Generally speaking, the structure of small concrete mixing plant is simple, and the control system is simple, so the requirements for operation and maintenance personnel are low. The large concrete mixing plant has a complex structure and a high degree of automation, so the requirements for operators are also high. Therefore, when you purchase a concrete mixing plant, in addition to considering the previous several factors, you should also consider operating personnel.

7, configuration selection: there is no special demand.

In general, manufacturers have mature equipment configurations, such as specifications, quantities, varieties, and so on. You can also make special requests when ordering mixing equipment, and we will do our best to meet your requirements. However, in the purchase of products should not be greedy, which will cause unnecessary economic waste. In addition, when purchasing concrete mixing plant equipment, in addition to referring to the prices of different manufacturers, special attention should be paid to the configuration list of different manufacturers. In addition to the above specifications, varieties and quantities, the important thing is the manufacturer of the parts.

In summary, you can always choose the right model for you. In the choice of models do not pursue good, but should pursue the right and meet your needs of the mixing plant equipment, because such a choice is economic and effective.

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