How much hazardous waste is Polluting? New environmental protection equipment to understand!

How much hazardous waste is Polluting? New environmental protection equipment to understand!

With the rapid development of the city, the amount of urban solid waste will inevitably rise rapidly. Due to the lack of necessary disposal facilities, the phenomenon of garbage besieged the city continues to appear, which has become one of the main factors affecting environmental pollution. To this end, the new construction machine according to its own advantages in concrete machinery, focus on hazardous waste curing, launched a new type of environmental protection equipment, and strive to contribute to the cause of environmental protection.

1. A variety of structural forms of mixing host using different hazardous waste materials:

Th double horizontal shaft mixer with anti-corrosion treatment is suitable for the mixing of solid and sludge hazardous waste materials, with high speed and high efficiency.

The vertical axis planetary mixer with anti-corrosion treatment is suitable for high mixing uniformity of solid and sludge hazardous waste materials.

The single horizontal shaft screw belt mixer with stainless steel drum body is suitable for mixing sludge and liquid hazardous waste materials, with good sealing property and strong corrosion resistance.

2. Patented sludge metering hopper

3. Professional chelating agent batching and measurement

4. Accurate measurement system for powder and liquid materials

5. Multi-material measurement to meet different materials

6. The whole set of equipment centralized dust removal, with acid and alkali treatment system

7. The crushing system handles the caked materials to ensure that the materials are evenly mixed

8. Adopt anti-corrosion and environmental protection powder silo to ensure fly ash and powder work in a closed environment

9. Adopt variable pitch screw conveying pump to ensure smooth conveying of fly ash and powder

10. Grab bucket with metering to solve the feeding problem

11. Complete microcomputer automatic control, with high quality weighing instrument, fast operation speed, high measurement accuracy

Ten advantages of choosing new environment-friendly equipment

1. Excellent mixing skills

Mixing machine adopts German technology, stirring performance is strong, stirring uniform, rapid, high productivity, for different hazardous waste materials to provide different models to achieve good mixing effect.

2. Highly reliable performance

All electrical components of the control system are imported, which greatly reduces the failure rate of the equipment.

3. Unique non-stick shaft technology

Through the unique design and reasonable distribution of parts and movements such as stirring arm, stirring blade, material feeding point location, material feeding sequence, the problem of hazardous waste material sticking shaft is solved and the labor intensity of workers is reduced.

4. Precise measurement accuracy

Using microcomputer and instrument control mode, the calculation speed is fast, the response time is short; With the function of the patent technology and the automatic button, the measurement accuracy can reach and exceed the national measurement standard in the dynamic time.

5. Perfect industrial design

The whole machine has beautiful shape, reasonable structure layout and pleasant color

Suitable, more convenient maintenance. Strict logical thinking, profound design concept, detailed ergonomic processing and exquisite detail design are the guarantee of excellent products.

6. Convenient transfer installation

The overall structure is modular, batching machine, belt conveyor, main body, screw conveyor are independent structure, disassembly, installation, convenient transportation, fast.

7. Quick operation function

The whole machine is controlled by computer, which can be controlled automatically or manually. The operation is simple and easy to master.

8. Good maintenance performance

Each maintenance, repair parts have no platform or ladder, direct visibility and sufficient operating space, fully enclosed semi-enclosed equipment to ensure that all operations can run rain or shine.

9. Excellent environmental performance

All the powdery materials are carried out in a sealed state, the whole set of equipment is installed in a fully closed workshop, and the dust and odor generated during the work process are treated by centralized dust removal, acid and alkali treatment, sewage treatment and other measures, so as to truly achieve zero emissions and no pollution.

Free from pollution

10. TV monitoring system can be set up

A number of TV monitors (generally four points) can be set up to monitor the dosing machine and the discharge port of the concrete mixer in real time

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