The first China Construction Machinery Safety Production Summit Forum was held in Beijing

The first China Construction Machinery Safety Production Summit Forum was held in Beijing


The state of safe production of construction machinery is closely related to the situation of safe production in the high-risk industry of construction. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 20 million sets of construction machinery and equipment in the country, and more than 30 million employees, of which 80 percent of construction machinery and equipment are in the hands of individuals, and a large number of operators are not trained and have no license to work. In order to improve the level of construction machinery safety production and make it play a better role in the national economic construction, especially in the construction of projects such as the "Belt and Road" and "civil-Military integration", on August 9, 2017, the (first) China Construction Machinery Safety Production and Dialogue Beidou helped construction machinery "Belt and Road" and civil-military Integration Construction Summit Forum was held in Beijing.

Activity site

The forum was jointly organized by the Professional Committee of Innovative Investment and Financing of China Investment Association, Global Network, "Economic Participation" and Zhongan Construction Machinery Management Co., LTD., with the theme of "Safe and green sharing", more than 120 people from the government, domestic and foreign construction machinery enterprises, experts and scholars attended the meeting. The "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and The State Council on Promoting the Reform and Development of Safety in the Field of Production" pointed out that "improve the production and manufacturing standards of long-distance passenger vehicles, tourist buses, dangerous goods transport vehicles and ships, improve safety performance, and force the installation of intelligent video surveillance alarm, collision prevention and supervision technology and equipment for the safe operation of whole vehicles and ships." Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of safety technology and equipment already in operation ", "accelerate the formulation, revision and integration of safety production standards, establish a safety production standard system with mandatory national standards as the main body, encourage social organizations and enterprises established in accordance with the law to formulate more strict and standardized safety production standards, and actively learn from and implement advanced international standards in light of national conditions." The forum made speeches, demonstrations, dialogues and discussions on the compulsory installation of safety technical equipment for construction machinery, the formulation and improvement of relevant safety production standards, the training of construction machinery operators, and the establishment of "construction machinery intelligent safety management service platform", and discussed the problems of construction machinery in guaranteeing the "Belt and Road" and military-civilian integration construction.

Flag-awarding ceremony

The forum held a flag-awarding ceremony, Zhongan Construction machinery Management Co., Ltd. shoulder a social responsibility, will through the "Zhongan safety production miles" activities, mainly construction machinery, to carry out safety production regulations knowledge and other publicity and education activities, to promote the construction machinery safety production awareness and accident prevention measures continue to strengthen. It is reported that the "Zhongan safety production 10,000 miles" activity will be carried out regularly in the large province of construction machinery, and the station is Shaanxi.

(The first) China Construction Machinery Safety Production and Dialogue Beidou help construction machinery "Belt and Road" and civil-military integration construction Summit Forum for the construction machinery industry "safety production" opened a new channel of communication and exchange, to promote and improve the level of construction machinery safety production, to further promote the construction of high-risk industries to improve the level of safety production. And further improve the construction machinery industry for all kinds of engineering construction projects safety production guarantee ability is of great significance.