Echo The Times, concrete industry first

Echo The Times, concrete industry first

From 2013 when President Xi Jinping put forward the strategic concept of building the "New Silk Road Economic Belt" and "21st Century Maritime Silk Road", to 2014, when President Xi Jinping visited 13 neighboring countries, the "Belt and Road" has moved from a concept to a "pragmatic" stage", and then, in 2015, the major issues and key tasks of the "Belt and Road" will be deployed, which will be the first to benefit from culture, tourism, trade, financial transportation, and infrastructure. And their benefits have enabled the development of various construction industries. The development of the construction industry is inseparable from the concrete industry, so the concrete industry has also obtained a new development. A tall building begins with a foundation, which cannot be separated from the pouring of concrete.

In this era of big data and information technology, the smell of wine is also afraid of deep alleys. All kinds of concrete and concrete products, as well as various concrete machinery also need more powerful publicity to get more markets, so as to get better develop.

Our "Concrete Era" has more than 30 foreign offices nationwide, covering more than 500 cities across the country. Our distribution methods include regular votes from concrete companies and cement product companies, as well as exhibitions, industry forums, annual meetings, etc., advertisers' products Get adequate publicity.

"Responding to the times, the concrete industry takes the lead" is the slogan of our "Concrete Times" magazine, and it is also the development direction of our "Concrete Times".

Conforming to the development of the times and following the footsteps of the times, our "Concrete Times" provides new information and comprehensive services for the concrete industry based on diversified ideas and diversified content. It is our ultimate goal to promote new products, new equipment, new technologies, new processes, and environmental protection upgrades that concrete companies need, and to provide them with information operators on safe production.

As a magazine in the concrete industry, we adhere to the principle of providing "value-added services" for readers and advertisers. Our magazine is mainly divided into columns such as industry new equipment promotion, leaders, advanced technology, contention among hundreds of schools of thought, and life with hundreds of tastes. It allows readers to get new product information and market conditions. At the same time, we have more than 30 foreign offices nationwide to place ads, covering more than 500 cities across the country, so that advertisers' products can be fully publicized.

As a magazine launched by the official website of China Construction Machinery Industry Association Concrete Machinery Branch "Concrete Business Network", we provide you with real concrete industry information and new concrete industry technology based on a pragmatic working attitude and diversified concepts. You provide comprehensive industry guidance and move towards the development of a new concrete industry together.

Now "Concrete Times", the advertising space is hotly attracting investment, and we sincerely invite you to participate!

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