Small concrete pump car pipe blocking knowledge

Small concrete pump car pipe blocking knowledge

Small concrete pump truck during the use of the misery of the pump truck blocked pipe, engaged in construction projects have encountered the phenomenon of pump truck blocked pipe in the process of pumping concrete, small concrete pump truck in the construction process for the majority of pump friends to provide convenience at the same time also brought distress. Next, Koniele takes you to understand how the pump block occurs and how to avoid the occurrence of the pump block during operation. Everyone hurry to study!

The primary cause of tube blockage is caused by improper operation.

1, the operator is not focused on the operation of the project. The operator should always maintain a concentrated state of attention during the operation, pay attention to the pumping pressure gauge reading, once found that the pressure gauge reading increases to raise vigilance, if the pressure gauge reading suddenly increases, should immediately return to the pump 2 to 3 strokes, and then positive pump, pipe blocking phenomenon can be excluded.

2, small concrete pump truck pumping speed control is improper. When pumping concrete, speed control is very important, can not be blindly fast, sometimes haste makes waste. When pumping for the first time, due to the large resistance, the speed should be reduced appropriately.

3, the pumping margin control is not appropriate. The operator should always observe the residual material in the hopper, and the amount of residual material should not be lower than the mixing shaft, otherwise the air will be inhaled, which will easily cause tube blocking.

4, too long downtime can lead to tube blocking. During downtime, the pump should be turned on every 5 to 10 minutes to prevent pipe blockage. For concrete that has been set for too long, it should not continue to be pumped again.

5, the pump pipe is not cleaned. After the small concrete pump truck is pumped, the pipeline must be cleaned according to the correct operation requirements.

In addition, segregation of concrete or mortar can also lead to pipe blocking. When concrete or mortar is in contact with water, it is easy to cause segregation. Sometimes when the mortar is pumped, the pipe blocking phenomenon occurs, because the mortar is in direct contact with the water in the pipeline, the mortar segregation caused by the prevention method is: before the pump, after wetting the pipeline with water, the pipe joint is loosened from the low point of the pipeline, the remaining water is all discharged, or after pumping water, before pumping the mortar, put a sponge ball to separate the mortar and water. When cleaning the pipeline after pumping, it is also necessary to put in a sponge ball to separate the water from the concrete, otherwise it is easy to cause pipe blocking.

Partial leakage leads to pipe blockage. Due to the leakage of mortar, on the one hand, the quality of concrete is affected, and on the other hand, the leakage of slurry will lead to the reduction of concrete collapse and the loss of pumping pressure, resulting in pipe blocking. The main reasons for leakage are as follows:

The transmission pipe joint is not tightly sealed, the pipe clamp is loose or the sealing ring is damaged and the slurry is leaked. At this time, the pipe clamp should be tightened or the sealing ring should be replaced;

The gap between the lens plate and the cutting ring is too large. When the glasses plate and the cutting ring are severely worn, the gap between them becomes larger. The gap between the glasses plate and the cutting ring must be reduced by adjusting the special-shaped bolt. If it cannot be adjusted, the wear part should be replaced immediately. And the concrete piston wear can also lead to leakage.

There are many reasons for the blocked pipe problem of the small concrete pump truck, and the pump friends need to pay attention at all times in order to make the pump truck run smoothly.