Small concrete pump truck operation necessary equipment

Small concrete pump truck operation necessary equipment

Small concrete pump truck is mainly used and the site, the working environment is relatively more dangerous, in the work area must wear the following safety protective equipment to prevent the risk of casualties.

1. Hard hat

The safety helmet protects the operator's head to prevent head injuries from falling concrete or pipe components.

2. Safety shoes

Safety shoes can protect the operator's foot to prevent falling or throwing sharp objects hit the foot.

3. Safety earmuffs

Safety earmuffs protect the operator's ears when the operator is near the machine.

4. Safety gloves

Safety gloves protect the operator's hands from corrosive chemicals or from friction and cuts caused by mechanical handling.

5. Safety eye mask

The safety eye mask protects the operator's eyes to prevent eye damage from flying concrete powder or other particles.

6. Safety rope

When working at altitude, the use of safety ropes can prevent the operator from falling.

7. Breathing equipment and masks

Operators of small concrete pump trucks must wear breathing equipment and masks during construction to prevent construction dust and particles from entering the human body through the respiratory tract.