National environmental protection combination, many places have been punished! How much does the owner of the construction machinery pay?

National environmental protection combination, many places have been punished! How much does the owner of the construction machinery pay?


Mechanical equipment is punished

1. Environmental protection is not up to standard

Recently, the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau issued a hefty fine. In the [2018] No. 7 Administrative penalty decision, Beijing Chengyue Construction Engineering Co., LTD., three excavators stored because of obvious visible smoke in use, in violation of the "Smoke emission limits and measurement Methods of Non-road diesel machinery in use", were fined 5,000 yuan each, a total of 15,000 yuan.

2, no license penalty

For unlicensed, unlicensed large construction machinery and equipment in service, it will face a fine of 30,000 yuan

This year's two sessions, on the "speed up the elimination of old construction machinery" of the New Deal, the construction machinery enterprises tacitly, have called for: construction machinery must be forced to license and scrap!

The "Plan" issued by the Ministry of Communications on strengthening the upgrading of vehicle structure: The key areas use restrictions on use, strict supervision of excessive emissions and other ways to promote the early elimination and update of national three and below operating diesel trucks, and accelerate the elimination of old gas vehicles using lean combustion technology and "oil to gas".

Many introduced mechanical supervision policies

1, Xinjiang construction machinery supervision order

People's governments at all levels shall strengthen the safety of large construction machinery and equipment and vehicles (large construction machinery and equipment including excavators, bulldozers, loaders, scrapers and other construction machinery and equipment; Large vehicles, including heavy trucks, concrete mixing trucks and other vehicles) supervision and management of the leadership.

The implementation of positioning control of large construction machinery and equipment and vehicles, the implementation of safety supervision and management responsibilities, and the implementation of the comprehensive treatment and maintenance of stability assessment system. The funds required for the safety supervision and administration of large construction machinery and equipment and vehicles shall be included in the financial budgets at all levels.

2. Changsha Construction Machinery Supervision Institute

Construction machinery supervision institute of construction involving excavation, traditional transportation and other ten categories of engineering equipment registration and registration, and unified registration management, do not meet the standards of construction machinery phased out, to fill the regulatory gap.

It is clear that the scope of project supervision is excavator, bulldozer, road roller, pile driver, tower crane, mixing truck and other ten categories of construction machinery. Within six years of mechanical equipment, where the parts are not up to standard, six years later will be forced to scrap.

3, Jiangsu construction machinery emission survey

The Leading Group for Environmental Protection Emission Investigation and Registration of non-road mobile construction Machinery in Jiangsu Province is responsible for the establishment and specific registration of emission investigation ledger of non-road mobile construction machinery in various cities. Investigate and register construction machinery products such as excavators, loaders, forklifts, bulldozers, graders, road rollers, pavers, milling machines and other construction machinery products in various cities according to the model, manufacturer, date of delivery, engine model and other relevant information.

What is the impact of the blue sky defense War on the owners of construction machinery?

1, the equipment is disabled and fined a large amount of money

Many places in the country issued a ban on the use of high-emission non-road mobile machinery area notice, many provinces and cities because of the black smoke from the excavator issued high fines, and even some places the black smoke from the excavator, the owner was fined nearly 20,000 yuan! Registration, equipment "identity confirmation", the implementation of the record "post".

This for users, operating costs will increase, does not meet the licensing standards of equipment where to go, there is no subsidy? After registration, do you want to collect annual inspection fee, pay insurance, fine? These became the owner of the "heart".

2, adding DPF, the cost is greatly increased

This year, the "non-road four-stage standard plan to install DPF in 2020" has attracted great attention from the industry. In order to adapt to the "National fourth emission standard of non-road mobile machinery", many regions require the installation of diesel vehicle particulate matter traps, and Shenzhen, Tianjin, Shandong and Chengdu have clearly proposed that diesel vehicles be equipped with DPF. "From January 1, 2020, any product that is not satisfied with the requirements of the full standard shall not be produced, imported, sold and put into use."

How expensive is a DPF smoke removal system?

About 20,000 to 40,000 yuan. The residual value of the equipment itself is not high, and then installing a DPF to remove black smoke will increase the cost of more than 40,000, which is equivalent to half the price of the residual value of the equipment......

3. The price of second phones has plummeted

The domestic second-hand construction machinery has more than 7 million units, it is expected that by 2020, the unified compliance with the national 6 standards, the annual number of scrapped construction machinery will be as high as 1.2 million units, more than 2.4 million backward, old equipment to vacate market space. Not only that, even family cars can not escape, after all, before the implementation of the country 5 standards, the country 1, 2 standard cars have been forced to scrap, so the combination of environmental protection is not just talk.

The direct impact of "National Six" on "National Five" is the decline in the price of second mobile phones. The warranty rate of the equipment will be reduced, and the price of the car will be affected. Although the "National Five" vehicles can be used normally, the second-hand car transfer is more difficult, and the acquisition and circulation channels are significantly narrowed.

The upgrade of the ecological environment cannot be separated from our support, and equipment that does not meet the standards will inevitably be eliminated.

However, for construction machinery users, how much is the cost pressure to choose equipment that meets emission standards? What is the phase-out compensation? Won't second-hand deals get harder? These questions are more worthy of consideration.