You should pay attention to these when mixing station operation ingredients!

You should pay attention to these when mixing station operation ingredients!

The composition system of concrete mixing station is complex, and each component system has its own function to be realized. The sand and stone aggregate, cement powder, water, foreign additives, etc. are matched according to a certain proportion to achieve the production of finished concrete. It can be said that all links can not go wrong, today we will talk about the mixing plant operation ingredients should pay attention to the problem, encountered such a similar problem should pay more attention to timely prevention. At present, the concrete mixing station generally uses a fully automatic control system, which sets the mix ratio of various materials in advance, automatic measurement, and small error. But after all, it is just a machine, which can not be relied on blindly, but also needs the timely observation and comparison of the operator. In the production of concrete mixing station, it is necessary to pay attention to the measurement error, the adjustment of the overimpulse, and the grasp of the residual amount of the feeding process to ensure that the accuracy of the measurement meets the requirements.

1. When admixtures are added to the concrete produced by the concrete mixing station, the mixing time should be appropriately extended. When dry mixing, the mixing time of fly ash concrete is 10-30 seconds longer than that of ordinary concrete, and the mixing time of other admixtures is 30-60 seconds longer.

2, in addition, the concrete mixing plant operators must be clear about the concept of the function of each control component of the mixing plant, and must be proficient in the correct operation sequence and operating procedures. Only in this way can it be handled correctly in the event of an emergency to avoid operating errors resulting in equipment damage and material loss.

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