Notice | sand mining is prohibited throughout this place. If the amount involved exceeds 50,000 yuan, it will be punished

Notice | sand mining is prohibited throughout this place. If the amount involved exceeds 50,000 yuan, it will be punished

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From the ban on mining in flood season to the total ban on mining, the starting point of punishment was reduced to 50,000

Since the beginning of this year, Wuhan has continued to strengthen the strict management of sand-related vessels and personnel, and has established a "blacklist" system, that is, the implementation of illegal sand mining vessels and personnel into the "blacklist", the implementation of archival statistics, and key monitoring.

In May, the Municipal People's Congress amended the "Regulations on Flood Control Management of Wuhan City" to add a paragraph in Article 12, that is, "except for public welfare sand mining such as blowing and filling the foundation of dikes, regulating and dredging river channels, sand mining is prohibited within the scope of municipal management of the Yangtze River and Hanjiang River."

"This means that the Yangtze River, Wuhan section of the Han River from the flood season ban to a comprehensive ban on mining, the starting point from the amount of 100,000 to 50,000", the city Water Bureau levee and sand mining Department responsible person introduced, the amendment of the clause provides an important legal support for illegal sand mining into the penalty. According to the "two high" judicial interpretation, two existing illegal sand mining can be punished.

Three years of special operations, hundreds of people were detained

The Yangtze River is 145.5 km long and the Han River 62 km long. In addition, the small and medium-sized rivers such as the River Museum, the river lifting, the river dumping and the Shahe River have a long route and a wide area. The sand mining management task is arduous.

As one of Wuhan's landmark campaigns to "jointly protect the Yangtze River and not engage in large-scale development", a three-year special campaign to control illegal sand mining was launched in 2016.

Over the past two years, Wuhan has handed over more than 10 suspected criminal violations to the public security department, detained hundreds of sand-related personnel, and punished more than 30 people, and two principal offenders of the Qingshan "3·16" sand-related and black-related projects supervised by the Ministry of Public Security were sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Since the beginning of this year, the city has handled a total of 84 sand-related cases, administrative fines of 3.54 million yuan, no illegal sand mining behavior occurred in the central city, no illegal sand mining vessels docked and moved, and the overall sand mining management situation in the upstream and downstream intercity border areas is controllable.

Source: Changjiang Daily Financial Media