Zhongqinglin won the "Juli Win-Win Award" at the World Industrial Internet Industry Conference

Zhongqinglin won the "Juli Win-Win Award" at the World Industrial Internet Industry Conference

On October 26, 2021, the World Industrial Internet Industry Conference - Industrial Internet Regional Collaborative Ecological Partnership Conference was held in Qingdao. The conference is co-sponsored by Qingdao Industrial Internet Industry Alliance and Qingdao New Economy Federation.


Mr. Lin Dong, Vice Chairman of Zhongqinglin Group, Mr. Lin Yongxiang, special assistant to the chairman, and Mr. Wang Shihua, general manager of Zhongqinglin Group, were invited to participate in the conference and shared the exploration experience of digital transformation of Zhongqinglin Group.

Expert pilots aim in new directions

In the "expert pilot" segment, Liu Mo, director of the China Academy of Information and Communications, President of the Chinese think tank Xinwang, Sun Songlin and Dr. Cao Man made reports and shared, and Liu Mo stressed that the industrial Internet platform economy will redefine the production mode and business model; President Xinwang pointed out: the development of manufacturing industry must be from assembly manufacturing, integrated manufacturing to basic manufacturing; Sunsonglin exchanged the cutting-edge research results of 5G+ industrial Internet in the digital transformation; Dr. Cao Man believes that the industrial Internet general product is the transmission of information carried by data from the perspective of the medium and micro.

The results have been gathered together

In the case presentation session, Mr. Wang shared the exploration experience and landing plan of Zhongqinglin Group in digital transformation.

As a typical representative of the discrete manufacturing industry, Zhongqinglin Group "slimmed down" the entire system through lean improvement, standardized and immobilized the process using information and digital systems, so as to achieve stable and sustainable high-quality output.

Lean improvement and informatization parallel, so that the group to achieve quality, cost reduction and efficiency. In terms of quality: the quality pass rate in the third quarter increased from 86.84% to 92.46%; In terms of cost reduction and efficiency improvement: the unit cost in the third quarter was still 4.11% lower than the previous quarter against the background of a sharp rise in raw materials.

A hundred years of enterprise, the line is coming. Zhongqinglin Group has taken the first step of digital transformation, and will gradually establish digital workshops and digital factories through continuous improvement of lean management, relying on advanced means such as information system and industrial Internet, build Zhongqinglin smart factory, and finally realize intelligent manufacturing to provide customers with better product and service experience.