CS mixer(CHS750-CHS6000)

CS mixer(CHS750-CHS6000)

1. Shaft end seal: The shaft end seal adopts a labyrinth-type pressure-preserving sealing structure, which is reliable and has a long service life;

2. Stirring device: The stirring arm in the stirring device is streamlined and precision-cast, with small resistance and high homogeneity, which can effectively improve productivity.

3. Stirring bearing: The main shaft bearing and the shaft end seal are designed separately. When the shaft end seal is damaged, it will not affect the normal operation of the bearing; this design is convenient for the removal and replacement of the shaft end seal.

4. Transmission device: The planetary reducer specially provided by the manufacturer is adopted, with stable transmission, low noise, long service life and no oil leakage.

5. Belt self-tensioning device: It can avoid abnormal wear and damage of the belt; it can reduce the labor intensity of maintenance personnel and reduce maintenance costs.

6. Unloading device: eccentric unloading door, modular design, reliable sealing, less wear; contact sensor switch, durable and reliable.

7. Humanized design: double-layer steps, the step height conforms to the human body structure; with maintenance ladder, it is safe and convenient to enter and exit the mixer; with less moving nylon cover plate, to prevent the maintenance door from sticking.

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