Twin Shaft Mixer (Model: CSW2000-CSW15000)

Twin Shaft Mixer (Model: CSW2000-CSW15000)

1. Transmission device: The planetary reducer specially provided by the manufacturer is adopted, with stable transmission, low noise, long service life and no oil leakage.

2. Belt self-tensioning device: It can avoid abnormal wear and damage of the belt; it can reduce the labor intensity of maintenance personnel and reduce maintenance costs.

3. Stirring device: double stirring shaft design, the stirring arm adopts a quick detachable structure, which is easy to repair and replace; the spirally arranged stirring arm and the blade-type stirring knife can effectively improve the material homogeneity.

4. Unloading device: The unloading door adopts the patented double-door design, driven by double cylinders, fully sealed structure, no material leakage, the unloading door can be disassembled and replaced, easy to maintain.

5. Air control box: The air circuit components are placed in a centralized manner, which is safe, convenient and beautiful.

6. On-line sampler (optional): The sampler with pneumatic device can carry out real-time sampling inspection on the mixing materials, so as to determine the best mixing time and ensure the mixing quality.

7. Flying knife device (optional): The ultra-compact structure flying knife device adopts patented technology, double-layer sealing ring is designed, matched with wear-resistant alloy flying knife, and the operation of the main mixing knife can make the materials mix quickly and evenly, and at the same time, it can effectively disperse Fibrous and bulky materials.

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