Xida Puben—the grand opening of the first direct sales store of Zhongqinglin Group

Xida Puben—the grand opening of the first direct sales store of Zhongqinglin Group

Build a new store, gather heroes; promote business, show glory!

Colorful August, brilliant August, the scorching sun of August shines on the earth, the burning enthusiasm of August is like fire, the expectation of August, the blur of August. In August, exudes dreams and passion. After several months of waiting and careful preparation, the first direct sales store of Zhongqinglin Group officially opened. Another glorious moment in history.

On the morning of August 5th, with the sound of gongs and drums, the golden lion will send blessings! In the sea of flowers piled up in flower baskets and in the cheerful music, the opening ceremony kicked off!

A good enterprise cannot do without an excellent helmsman. At the beginning of the event, the general manager of Zhongqinglin Group delivered a speech. The general manager of Zhongqinglin Group first expressed warm welcome and sincere thanks to government leaders, industry colleagues, distributors, suppliers and friends from the media circles for their presence, and introduced the basic situation of the new store to everyone.

The office environment is comfortable, and the warm yet rigorous work environment encourages people to work diligently and be full of self-motivation. Neat desks and chairs allow people to concentrate their minds, redouble their efforts, and concentrate on their work.

The direct sales store mainly sells engineering-specific mixing plants, environmentally friendly mixing plants, high-efficiency sand and gravel separators, pulse dust collectors, concrete pumps, boom pump trucks and various accessories, all equipment under the Zhongqinglin Group.

Afterwards, the leaders expressed their warm congratulations on the brilliant achievements of Zhongqinglin Group and the opening of the new direct sales store, and hoped that it would not forget its original intention and make persistent efforts.

The whole opening ceremony came to a successful conclusion in a pleasant and joyful atmosphere, but it is a brand new starting point for Zhongqinglin Group. Xiongguan Road is really like iron, and now it is over from the beginning. Zhongqinglin Group will make persistent efforts to continuously improve product quality, management quality and service quality, promote brand building, and detonate the market in an all-round way!

The opening of the direct sales store has the following great significance for our group:

, Speed up sales. Direct sales make the products produced by our company only need to go through one link of direct sales personnel to reach the hands of consumers, greatly reducing product circulation links and speeding up product sales.

Second, reduce operating costs. Direct sellers drive and realize product sales by disseminating a concept, which is difficult to achieve in any form of advertising. Therefore, direct sales stores can save a lot of advertising costs and greatly reduce business operating costs.

Third, improve service quality. Direct sales personnel systematically explain the active ingredients and efficacy characteristics of products to consumers, so that consumers can have a more comprehensive understanding of products. After consumers use the products, if they have any quality or difficult problems, they can consult the direct sellers around the clock, and the direct sellers can also take the initiative to regularly ask consumers about the use of the products and their effects. This whole process, all-round pre-sale, sale and after-sale service has greatly improved the service quality of our company's product sales and enhanced our competitiveness.

A piece of honesty can make a deal with a client; a piece of trust can return ten thousand pieces of wealth! We sincerely look forward to your inquiries and visits to the factory.