Wet jet using tips

Wet jet using tips

Nowadays, the wet spray machine has successfully replaced the dry spray machine and become an indispensable mechanical equipment on the market, but how many staff have seriously learned the use of small skills of the wet spray machine? Here is to share with you the use of wet spray tips:

1. Check the hopper and propulsion cylinder cooling water tank before starting to see if there are foreign objects.

2. Before spraying the wet spray machine, it is necessary to check whether the system wind pressure is enough, whether each accessory is normal, whether each interface is normal, whether the wire is aging, and whether the voltage is in the qualified range.

3. The selection of the operator of the wet spray machine must be careful, and the operator who has been trained and evaluated must be selected for operation.

4. The wet spray truck needs to be constructed on a site with stable terrain and hard ground. During the construction process, in order to reduce the pressure and maintain the stability of the wet spray truck, all wheels must be on the ground.

5. Choose the way of cleaning the wet jet machine according to the interval time of stopping the jet. Generally, high-pressure air is used to clean the pipeline in a short interval, and water is used in a long interval. When washing, pay attention to avoid water splashing the electrical components of the wet spray machine, resulting in safety accidents caused by power connection, or equipment damage.

6. After cleaning the wet spray machine, the pressure plate and hopper should be reset, and the water and power should be cut off. 7 Wet spray machine in the working process, it is likely to occur pipeline blockage, which must be dealt with in time. Before handling, be sure to turn off the high pressure air to prevent accidental injury. In addition, it is necessary to control the nozzle to prevent the phenomenon of nozzle shaking or concrete spraying in the process of dredging the nozzle.