With the agreement, the reunion on | bauma CHINA one-click visit registration

With the agreement, the reunion on | bauma CHINA one-click visit registration


Bauma CHINA 2020

Pre-registration for visitors is now open

        Complete pre-registration online,  

You can save 50 yuan to visit for free.

Pre-registration for individual visits

01Scan code registration

Scan the code to enter the pre-registration page, or visit the official website www.b-china.cn. For visitors from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas, please visit www.bauma-china.com to pre-register.

02 Fill in the registration information

Please fill in your personal information as prompted. In order to facilitate you to accept the pre-registration confirmation letter and register for your colleagues, please make sure that your mobile phone, email address and name are filled in accurately.

03Fill in the survey questionnaire

Complete the survey so that we can understand your industry needs and better provide you with exhibition services.

04Complete pre-registration

After submitting the information, you will successfully complete the pre-registration for the visit and you will receive it【Pre-registration success notification】   

The organizer will send to your registered email address and registered mobile phone number before the launch【Confirmation letter for pre-registration】And confirmation message, please note that check. Free admission to the exhibition is required【Confirmation letter for pre-registration】Get a badge at the exhibition site and enter.

Registration for colleagues/group visits

01Login website

Login website  www.b-china.cn,Click the home page picture to enter【Visitor pre-registration system】。

02Register a colleague

Please complete individual pre-registration and click【Pre-registered audience login】,Follow the prompts to pre-register your colleagues/friends.

Ride the waves, meet sometimes!

Scan code visit pre-registration, we will see you on site!