Packaging and palletizing production line

Packaging and palletizing production line

Product introduction: According to customer needs, the packaged small bags are stacked into large bags for transportation, including pallet packaging and ton bag packaging.

It is mainly composed of belt line, climbing machine, shaping machine, bag pressing machine, coding machine, robot, robot gripper, ton bag code small bag mechanism, safety fence, and is mainly used for refractory materials, building materials, chemicals, food, etc. 25KG-50KG bags of packaging materials are palletized and stacked in ton bags, meeting the production capacity within 850 bags/H.

product description


1. Improve working conditions and employee safety (saving labor)

2. Maximize production speed

3. Improve the quality of finished products on the pallet (higher product uniformity)

4. Restricted workspace (lower space requirements)

5. Reduce operating costs

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