Shaped refractory production line

Shaped refractory production line

(plx8-50) according to the needs of customers, design and manufacture multi bin batching and multi mixer automatic batching production lines, including accurate weighing of materials with different characteristics such as aggregate, powder and liquid, with weighing accuracy ≤ 0.5%, meeting the production capacity of 1000-5000t / year. It is suitable for magnesia carbon brick production line, corundum brick, diatomite brick, perlite brick, light mullite brick and other production lines.

product description

Product features: 

1. For special powder treatment, a unique method is formed. 

2. The measurement accuracy is 0.5%. 

3. Dust proof and dustless treatment. 

4. Supporting various forms of mixing equipment. 5. Supporting robot intelligent equipment, sorting and warehousing.

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