New hydraulic two-layer lift and traverse

New hydraulic two-layer lift and traverse
product description

1. Unique hydraulic transmission system, low noise quiet hydraulic components, low energy consumption (falling depends on the weight of the vehicle board), long life stand still without load, overweight safety protection automatic alarm for overloaded vehicles), anti-pipeline Burst self-locking system locking the oil cylinder when the hydraulic pipeline bursts, anti-bumping the stroke of the oil cylinder is fixed, power-off self-locking and manual car retrieval function to ensure that the car-carrying plate remains Static state, at the same time, it can realize the safe pick-up of the vehicle.

2. Self-developed mechanical anti-dropping device: the special design of the lever-type anti-falling device makes the lift platform form a cantilever beam mechanism when it is not working. The safety factor is greatly improved compared with the traditional electromagnetic anti-dropping device, and the maintenance cost is greatly reduced. . When the parking equipment is static, the weight of the second-floor vehicle-loading plate is transmitted to the ground through the anti-fall frame. Under the double action of the hydraulic system and the anti-fall frame, it is ensured that the lifting wire rope and the hydraulic transmission system are in a no-load state when the equipment is in a static state, reducing the The loading time and fatigue times of the hydraulic transmission system improve the safety of the system and prolong the service life of the hydraulic transmission system.

3. The characteristics of "fixed itinerary". As we all know, the height of the lifting platform is determined by the extension length of the hydraulic cylinder. When the lifting height is known, designing a hydraulic cylinder with a fixed stroke is the safest way to ensure the driving operation. The positioning is accurate and the safety is guaranteed. While reducing the use of electrical components, the failure rate of equipment is greatly reduced.

4. The unique four-point hoisting transmission structure of the steel wire rope, the hoisting is stable, the safety factor is high, the safety hazards of the whole no-interface are easy to find and troubleshoot, and the maintenance is more convenient.

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