Flat Mobile Smart Garage

Flat Mobile Smart Garage

Model: PPYD Flat Mobile Smart Garage

Features: Higher degree of intelligence, wide adaptability to the site. Adopting multiple insurance measures, the safety performance is excellent. Ultra-high and ultra-wide detection, vehicle anti-overlapping. Comprehensive management through the computer and touch screen interface can comprehensively monitor the operating status of the equipment.

Intelligent operation, convenient access

1. Vehicle storage: drive from the waiting area to the sensor device in front of the entrance, and the sliding door will automatically open

2. Parking confirmation: After parking the car, get out of the garage and enter the parking procedure

3. Elevator handover: the elevator rises to the storage garage, and the carrier takes the vehicle to the traversing vehicle

4. The horizontal moving vehicle moves the vehicle horizontally to the designated parking space

Plane mobile automatic parking system is the most suitable three-dimensional garage with large plane and large capacity in modern cities.

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