Multi-storey lift and traverse garage

Multi-storey lift and traverse garage
product description

1. General features of this model:

Double the number of parking lots, saving a lot of space;

·Modular installation, multi-unit combination, convenient and flexible, can meet various needs;

·PLC computer control, simple operation, convenient access to the car;

·Simple structure design, stable operation, safe and reliable;

Equipped with an electromagnetic anti-fall device to fully ensure the safety of the vehicle;

Photoelectric detection, control vehicle specifications and parking position, so that vehicles can be parked in an orderly manner;

Photoelectric safety detection, the operation will automatically stop when people enter by mistake, increasing the safety factor of the garage;

·There is an emergency stop button, which can be stopped in an emergency to avoid accidents;

·The parking space on the ground floor is the same as that of the general flat garage.

2. Structure and basic operating principle: divided into the following parts according to the type of components:

1. Main building frame: H-shaped steel is used for the steel structure, and the column-free design is used between the parallel train bays, which ensures safe and fast access to trains.

2. Car board: The side beams and corrugated boards of the car board are formed by cold bending of galvanized steel sheets, which have strong compressive resistance. Due to the special structure of the side beams of the vehicle board and the wave board, the water and oil dripped from the vehicle can be collected. It will not pollute the vehicle and the people entering and leaving, and keep the appearance clean.

3. Lifting system: The upper parking space and the middle parking space use geared motors to drive the cable pulleys, and the vehicle-carrying plate is suspended at four points through the steel cables in a hoisting manner, so that the synchronous lifting is stable and reliable.

4. Lateral movement system: the middle parking space and the lower parking space use a geared motor to drive the transmission shaft to make the vehicle platform move laterally

According to the distribution of parking spaces:

1. The upper parking space: when accessing the car, it only lifts up and down, and does not move laterally

2. The parking space on the middle floor: When accessing the car, it can be moved up and down, and the same group of multiple parking spaces can move sideways at the same time. Empty the descent channel of the upper level vehicle.

3. The lower parking space: when accessing the car, it only moves laterally and does not lift.

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