Stock yard spray dust removal

Stock yard spray dust removal

The working principle of Enpu EP-400L high-pressure spray dedusting is to use a high-pressure pump to pressurize the water purified by the water treatment system, and send it to the high-pressure nozzle for atomization through the high-pressure pipeline. These tiny atomized particles can float for a long time In the air, they have strong surface activity and adsorption capacity for the dust suspended in the air, so that the dust will settle under the action of gravity, so as to achieve the effect of dust suppression.

product description

● Suitable for installation in various environments

● Quick-plug direct pipeline connection, more convenient installation

● Designed with multiple protections, it is safer to use

● Water mist has a washing effect on the air and can purify the air

●Professionalism and service: We not only provide customers with industrialized products, but also design and produce personalized products according to the actual situation and specific requirements of customers. We provide customers with full-process follow-up technical services: that is, provide one-stop service from product design, production, sales to installation, continuously collect customer feedback, and solve product problems at any time to ensure that customers are 100% at ease.

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