Washing machine

Washing machine

The wheel washing machine is specially designed for cleaning all kinds of engineering vehicles, completely solving the pollution of engineering vehicles on the road. This type of equipment has fast cleaning speed and easy installation, and is suitable for various landfills, construction sites, concrete plants, mines, industrial manufacturing and other places. The average cleaning can wash 60~80 vehicles per hour, and the water can be recycled to save a lot of water resources. This series of washing machines is convenient to move to the battlefield. This series of washing machines is currently widely used in landfill sites and various construction sites.

product description

● Professional cleaning engineering transport vehicles;

● Import electrical components from well-known foreign manufacturers to ensure safety and reliability;

● Thoroughly solve the pollution of construction vehicles on urban roads;

● Unique shape, classic design;

● Professional anti-rust treatment, durable;

● Recycling water, saving a lot of water resources;

● It can be adapted to different workplaces and is convenient for special occasions.

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