Filter press

Filter press

"Enpu" energy-saving, high-efficiency and fast series box-type diaphragm automatic filter press is a pressurized filtration equipment with intermittent operation, which is suitable for solid-liquid separation of various suspensions. It has wide application range, good separation effect, simple structure and convenient operation. , safe and reliable; widely used in coal washing, petroleum, chemical industry, dyestuff, metallurgy, medicine, food and other fields, and also suitable for various needs such as textile, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, papermaking, leather, monosodium glutamate and other industrial wastewater and urban domestic sewage treatment. field of solid-liquid separation.

product description

The energy-saving, high-efficiency and fast series van-type automatic diaphragm press produced by our company is an advanced separation mechanical equipment integrating machine, electricity and hydraulic. It is mainly composed of five parts: frame part, automatic plate pulling part, filter part and hydraulic part And the electrical control part, its structure is shown in the figure below. (Note: liquid receiving tray, flap, mud storage hopper, water washing system, filter cloth varicose and vibrating system, etc. can also be added according to customer requirements)

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