HSF60 sand and stone separator

HSF60 sand and stone separator

The main engine is a vibrating screen type, and the length of the vibrating screen surface is 6 meters; two grit chambers are usually arranged, and the number of mixing tanks/tanks is basically more than two (5.5KW/7.5KW/11KW/15KW), and the sewage in the mixing tank is pumped to The mixing station is mixed with clean water in a certain proportion (low-grade concrete). If the mixing station does not use low-grade concrete, a filter press is used to filter the sewage into a filter cake, and the clarified water continues to be reused; the mixing tank can be customized according to customer needs. Customized, standard mixing tank capacity can be divided into 30m3, 50m3, 80m3, 100m3, which can be combined according to the site and customer needs;

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Product Model Scree ning CapabilityStone size ScreenedSand size ScreenedPower of main Body(KW)Weight of main Body (KG)Dimension(mm)
HSF6060T/H >Ф5mm Φ1-45mm1960007000X2400X3350

Stirring/tank, recycling mixing station (depending on the mixing station)

Only double parking spaces (mixing pool is not recommended)

Stirring pool/tank, filter press (different models are available from 35 to 100 square meters)

Concentration tester (minimum two stirring tanks/tanks), it is not recommended to add concentration tester in the way of underground stirring tank