Warehouse pulse dust collector

Warehouse pulse dust collector
product description

MCL pulse bag filter is a kind of dust removal equipment with high dust removal efficiency, stable operation, reliable performance and convenient maintenance. It can be widely used in dust removal systems in metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry, electric power, building materials and other industries. Has the following main features:

1. The dust removal equipment adopts a high-efficiency, low-consumption injection device, which realizes the low-pressure short-pulse injection technology.

3. The dust collector has compact structure, reasonable technology, strong sealing, air leakage rate is less than 2%, flexible action, easy maintenance and beautiful appearance.

4. The bag filter is stable and reliable, has good adaptability to load changes, and is easy to operate and manage. It is especially suitable for capturing fine and dry dust, and the collected dry dust is easy to process and recycle.

6. The dust collector itself has no transmission parts, and only needs inspection during operation, basically no maintenance

7. The degree of automation is high. All equipment in the dust removal system can be equipped with detection and alarm functions, and the requirements for operators are low. The labor intensity of operation and maintenance personnel is low.

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product specification
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Parameters of each model


Filter area(㎡)


Dust concentration(mg/ m³)


Filtration speed(m/min)


Filtration air volume(m³/h)


Dimensions mm:(L x W x H)



Covered filter bag