KNL5160TPJ concrete wet spray trolley

KNL5160TPJ concrete wet spray trolley

KNL5160TPJ automobile chassis concrete wet spraying trolley is suitable for large-scale highway, railway tunnel construction, slope support construction, large-scale water conservancy and hydropower project tunnel, culvert construction, subway, various civil and military construction projects, etc., to meet the sprayed concrete construction requirements .

The KNL5160TPJ automobile chassis concrete wet spraying trolley adopts heavy truck chassis, which has high reliability, easy maintenance, and convenient maneuvering; the whole vehicle is a product listed in the National Automobile Bulletin List, which can be registered for driving on the road, and the quality is guaranteed; the whole vehicle has a strong carrying capacity, The structure is stable; the hexagonal boom is coordinated and reliable in expansion and contraction; the control system is convenient and flexible; the spraying is uniform and the reliability is high.

product description

Product advantages:

1. The front and rear outriggers have a large span and good working stability

● Front outriggers

Horizontal telescopic oil cylinder + H-shaped outriggers are adopted, and the outriggers have a large span. The extension length of the outriggers can be controlled according to the size of the site. The outriggers can effectively increase the stability and safety of the trolley.

● Rear outriggers

The external eight-character closed package legs are adopted, which have good force and stability, and can effectively support the impact load of the concrete cylinder pumped by the rear hopper.

2. Pumping system

● The pumping mechanism adopts a φ160 concrete cylinder with a stroke of 1.2m, and the bore of the main oil cylinder is φ100.

● The pumping hydraulic system adopts 55KW four-pole motor 130ml/r adjustable displacement main pump + 45ml/r variable pump (Rexroth series).

● The main valve adopts eight-unit electric proportional valve (BARMAG). The electric proportional valve has the function of constant variable switching. The variable output pump performs variable output, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving and efficiency enhancement.

3. The boom adopts a symmetrical layout structure

● The boom adopts a symmetrical structure

The boom frame adopts a symmetrical structure. The telescopic arm and the base arm are on the same axis. The telescopic arm is directly connected to the head of the base arm through a pin shaft. There is no connecting arm, no lateral force, no stress concentration, and no fatigue fracture. So the boom system is more stable and reliable.

● Boom section

The telescopic arm is made of four BS700 high-strength steel plates bent and welded. There are lap ribs at the joints of the welds, and the overall rigidity of the arm frame is increased.

● The increased rigidity of the boom makes the telescopic boom less shaken and more stable in the wet spraying state, which can improve the quality of the sprayed surface.

4. Enhanced rotary drive mechanism

● The slewing reducer adopts the worm gear reduction mechanism, which has a large reduction ratio, strong self-locking ability, large output torque, stable operation and high reliability.

● The slewing ring gear is large, the diameter of the roller table is 760mm, the tooth surface has been quenched, chrome-plated and other post-treatment processes, the strength is high, and the phenomenon of tooth grinding is not easy to occur.

● It adopts a well-known brand rotary motor with large displacement, large torque and good stability. Under the precise control of the electric proportional valve, there is no vibration in the rotation.

5. Electrical control system

● Electrical control system configuration

The remote control adopts a well-known domestic brand, with long remote control distance, strong signal, no dropped calls, and serial numbers.

The electrical components are all of international famous brands, and a large number of international famous brand components can effectively improve the operation reliability of the equipment, improve the service life of the components, and can improve the working stability of the equipment. Effectively reduce the risk of equipment downtime.

6. Accelerator filling system

● The quick-setting agent pump is driven by a variable frequency motor, and the frequency converter is used to precisely control the output flow of the quick-setting agent pump, and the addition amount can be automatically adjusted according to the current pumped concrete volume.

● The quick-setting agent replenishment pump adopts a 2600L/h large-displacement diaphragm pump, which can replenish the 1000L material tank within 20 minutes, which greatly saves the preparation time.

● The quick-setting agent pump adopts 600L/1.6Mpa variable plunger pump. The quick-setting agent pump is not easy to damage and is durable. The replacement cycle of wearing parts is long, the service life is long, and there are few failure points.

● The quick-setting agent pipeline adopts a fully enclosed large-diameter delivery pipeline, which can smoothly transport the quick-setting agent even in winter.

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Machine parameters

Boom structure

Boom and forearm pitch, forearm telescopic

Jet height



Jet width



Boom Pitch Angle



Forearm pitch angle



Boom swing angle



Sprinkler axial rotation angle



Nozzle vertical axis swing angle



Nozzle swing angle



Front outrigger span



Rear outrigger span



Front and rear outrigger span



System parameters

Main drive mode

Electric motor

Auxiliary drive

Diesel engines

Motor rated power



Operating Voltage



Concrete displacement



Pump outlet pressure



Outlet diameter



Delivery pipe diameter



Nozzle mouth diameter



Chassis parameters

Chassis model


Engine Model Wheelbase



Engine power


136(185 horsepower)

Gearbox gear

8th gear(With high and low speed)

Maximum speed






Fuel tank volume



Vehicle Dimensions(L×W×H)



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